reachXOD Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

This is our FAQ page. You have important questions about reachXOD, and we have answers.


We provide concierge on-demand services with reachXOD (eXecutive On-Demand) experts, each with a range of 5+ to 15+ years' experience sitting in the seat of a C-level role. Our expertise spans a variety of industries such as: retail, consumer product goods, manufacturing, software, hospitality, healthcare, education, and more. reachXODs have served Fortune 500 public and private companies, startups, middle market, and private equity organizations.

Simply choose your Executive Role or preferred Topic, choose the number of hours you think your topic will need, and then choose the time and date of your Power Hour (the 1st 60 minute virtual advisory session between you and your reachXOD advisor). To learn more about the booking & advisory session process, please visit our How To page, or email

All reachXODs are certified through an exhaustive process, with qualifications extending far beyond the traditional interview techniques. We authenticate not only their expertise, key capabilities, and leadership abilities, but also validate their emotional IQ and willingness to best serve our Clients with relevant and meaningful advice. A reachXOD must demonstrate specialized experience in his/her chosen field, and led organizations and teams through significant, meaningful change(s) (restructure, merger, acquisition, divesture, digital transformation, etc.). A reachXOD is not a seat warmer, but an executive C-suite leader who has been through the fire, come out the other side, and wants to share their advice with others who may need it.

All of our XOD advisors have global capabilities, and some of our XODs are multilingual. We are quickly expanding the breadth of global reach within our XOD team.

Our data science platform matches your request with our executive data base. Here's how. After booking your appointment, simply fill out a quick Topical Questionnaire on the issues you need advice. Our platform uses that information to best match you to the right reachXOD for you. The more you tell us, the better the match. (Reminder, do not share any information that you don't want to, or that you may be under an NDA. You are responsible for managing your own NDA obligations, and would never ask you to violate that.) The information you share is kept confidential.

All of our Executives must be reachXOD certified before participating in any advisory sessions. Our reachXOD certification takes our reachXODs through a qualification process that authenticates their expertise, key capabilities, and leadership abilities to best serve our Clients.

On occasion, we are asked to match on topics that we do not have the expertise to advise on (e.g., If you want to know what kind of rocket fuel to use in the next launch to Mars, well, we may not have reachXODs for that!) We strive to be transparent, and provide you access to executive advice. Should we not be able to do that, we will refund your purchase before your appointment. More interesting details can be found in our Terms of Service (listed in the FAQ).

Your concierge will reach out to notify you of any additional information we may need. 

A Topical Questionnaire is a simple document that takes less than 5 minutes for you to fill out online. It describes the topic(s) you are most interested in discussing during your advisory session(s). You will receive this form with your advisory session calendar invite, and will help us to better match you and your XOD based on the expertise your topics demand.

No problem! Our topics are currently set up based on the needs and demand from our clients so far; however, we are adding new topics daily. We are here to serve your needs, so give us your feedback. Please send the topic you need to, and our Concierge will try to match you right away with an XOD advisor, and then get your topic added to our site ASAP. If you have a business challenge that's a hot topic for you right now, chances are that you're not the only one, so thanks for your input.


We take confidentiality seriously, yours and ours. The purpose of confidentiality between the Client and reachXOD is to enhance the advisory relationship. In-fact, we care about it so much, that we operate with a double-blind approach that protects both you and our reachXOD's confidentiality. We do not share personal email addresses, last names, documents, or who you work for between the Client and XOD at anytime. You can even use an alias for your first name if you want to. 

Please review the boundaries of information in our Terms of Service HERE.

It's that long document that very few people actually read all the way through, but probably (most definitely) should. Your privacy is of utmost concern for you and for us at reachXOD. Read HERE for our Privacy Policy. (We share our immense gratitude to our lawyer for this fine piece of writing!)

Another long document you should definitely read, but probably won't read all the way through - unless you're having trouble falling asleep. Please find our Terms of Service HERE.

The answer is a HARD NO! We do not sell your name, email, etc., nor will we ever. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy HERE.

Our matching process, and any conflict resolution, is only as good as the information that you provide in the Topical Questionnaire. We do not want your entire life story (we want you to stay confidential too), but if you have conflicts you want to make us aware of, please do so! We just need enough so that our expert humans on the other side of the phone can provide advisement relevant to your topical needs. Please see our Terms of Service HERE.

Prefer to use a secret agent name instead? No problem, 007. When you receive your Topical Questionnaire, you will be able to choose if you want to share your name with your XOD or use an alias. We will honor your bold choices, Mr./Mrs. Bond. We never share last names anyways- only first names, and only if you want us to.

Nope. You are not obligated to share your company name with us at anytime. Make up your dream company name for all we care. We're here for YOU!

As a Client, you agree not to share information you obtained under separate non-disclosure agreements that you are a party to.  You agree you are fully liable to make decisions in regard to what you can share or not, and you agree to be fully responsible for the disclosure to us. Please review further details in our Terms of Service HERE.

P.S. We let our lawyers answer some of our FAQs to really drive home the "team" aspect here at reachXOD. Can you guess which ones they answered? We trust you to be able to frame up your your topic(s) that you want advice on without violating any NDAs!

Like you, our XODs have the option for confidentiality as well. Should they decide to use an alias first name, it will be used consistently throughout your engagement like any other name would be- that's how names work. Think of it like a nickname, or an inside joke only you and your XOD are in on.

Contact your Concierge at & be sure to read through our Privacy Policy HERE

No thank you. There are no artifacts shared, no documents looked at etc. The engagement is a 60 minute block of time for Executive advice. Should you require consulting on an artifact, a set of deliverables, etc., we would be happy to refer you to our management consulting firm where we also have C-Suite executives serving Clients everyday, bringing solutions that help them deliver with results.  Just contact your Concierge at

No thank you. Not on any days that end in Y. Confidentiality is our #1 priority for you and for our XOD's.

Please view our Privacy Policy HERE


No, after you purhcase your hours, a Concierge will reach out to you through phone or email to schedule your session(s) date and time. 

Our honest answer is... it depends! We strive to get our clients advisement as soon as possible. If you need a same-day appointment, please email with "NEED APPT TODAY" in the subject line, and the details around the topic on which you need advisement. We will do our best to see if any of the qualified XODs for your topic are available within your requested timeframe. If not, we will let you know the soonest available appointment time for you to meet with an XOD advisor who has been matched to your needs.

No problem!! You can call or email your concierge immediately OR if you prefer to do it yourself, just log back in & BOOK!

Need to reschedule? No problem! We do our best to offer a range of available hours, not only during the business working day, but also outside of regular business hours. We are happy to change your session to a mutually agreeable time in the future. Please notify your Concierge at immediately, and they will work with you to get your session updated as soon as possible.

We do ask for a 24 hour notice to avoid forfeiting your hour(s).

We do our best to offer a range of available hours, not only during the business working day, but also outside of regular business hours. Our reachXODs are all Executives themselves and their time, like yours, is valuable. We ask for a 24 hour notice to avoid forfeiting your hour(s).
We are happy to reschedule your session to a mutually agreeable time in the future. Your advisory hours are available for rescheduling for up to 1 year from the booking date.
Please notify your Concierge at immediately, and they will work with you to get your session updated as soon as possible.

Our services, once purchased, are not returnable or refundable, however, we will do our best to reschedule you at a mutually agreeable time. Just reach out to our Concierge service at and they will work to get you set up as soon as possible.

All appointments are currently operated through voice. Let us know if video conferencing is something you would like, and if we have enough Clients interested, we will add it to our features!

My Account

See that little human icon up in the top right corner by the Sherlock Holmes spy glass and the shopping bag? We call him Finn. Click on Finn and you will be taken to a page that allows you to create an account. 

See the icon of a man in the top right corner of the page? We call him "Finn". Click on "Finn" and he will take you directly to your login page. Thanks, Finn!

Login to your already created account, and click "Edit Account" over on the right. OR call/email your concierge at, and they can update your account based on your preferences. 

That depends, did you forget your password, or is it just time for a change in your life?

If you forgot your password, click on the human icon at the top right (we call him Finn), and then click on "Forgot?" above the password box.

If you just need a change, log in to your account, and click on "Edit Account" on the right side. 

Click on the human icon at the top right (we call him Finn). Then login or create an account. Your order history will display here everytime you visit us. 

You can call or email your Concierge at COMING SOON TO A THEATER NEAR YOU: our reachXOD team is hard at work to provide you the capability to view your remaining hours within your account right here on the site. Stay tuned!

Advisory Session

Our rates are hourly, regardless of role or topic. We aim to be as transparent as possible about pricing. You may choose to buy more than one hour, but all advisory sessions will be in 1-hour appointments. Please visit our How To page for a simple explanation about our booking process.

Consider the complexity and breadth of your topical needs. How much time do you need to feel comfortable walking through the details of your concerns? Our recommendation, and experience, is that most people require about 2 hours for one pretty simple topic.  But, it’s up to you…the more complex, or number of questions/topics….well that takes some time. There is no need to rush, our reachXODs are here at your convenience.

Be sure to have a quiet space with a good cellphone or wifi connection (if you are on a voice over internet connection, remember no video at this time). Prepare any questions you already have related to the answers you need. Take a breath, set your intention for the call, and know you don't have to go it alone anymore. Once booked, we will email you a Tips to Prepare file, so that you can think through how to frame up you topics/questions, and maximize the Advisory Session time.  There is, after all, only 60 minutes in an hour!

You can expect an experienced executive, conveniently available to you on-demand, to provide crucial and confidential advisement related to your topical needs. Your reachXOD has been there before, and is here to listen and provide respectfully direct advice on the topics that matter most to you.

The first few minutes will be introducing yourselves to each other…like an icebreaker, which we are sure you are familiar with (Remember, no last names, company or NDA info allowed.) Then, we suggest you frame up the topic and/or issue and/or questions you want to discuss. For the next ~45 minutes or so, depending on how long you two talked about yourselves, you should expect free flowing, back and forth, advisor to client discussion. Be sure to seek to understand that you are hearing, and ask questions if you do not. At the end of the Power Hour, the last five minutes, you need to cover next steps - schedule the rest of the hours that you booked, recap any action items you are going to take, etc.  

They say the best things take time. Even though we think you're the best, we have to respect your time and that of our reachXODs. If for some reason you are late, please notify your Concierge immediately. Your session is booked for 60 minutes, so if you are late, you will have the remaining time available. There are no refunds for being late, no credits, no do overs, etc...

If you're already here, you must be seeking valued insight for a reason. What's holding you back from getting that NOW? There's no time to waste when you're the leader everyone is looking to for answers.

We aren't like an airline in many ways, but for this one, we had to agree with the big guys. All advisory hours expire one year post-purchase date, and if not used within that time period, are automatically forfeited.

In oder to provide feedback, please review our Terms of Service HERE

Once you have placed an order, you will receive an order confirmation email to the email address you provided us. If you have not received an order confirmation within 1 hour of placing your order, please email Perhaps we made an error, or there was an error in the email address you typed. Either way, we will get it taken care of right away.