Don't Go It Alone. Connection Beats Isolation

reachXOD Blog - Don't Go It Alone. Connection Beats Isolation

“We cannot do it alone. Alone is hard. Together is better.” Simon Sinek shares his perspective on isolation with these profound words. We couldn’t agree more. In fact, our tagline at reachXOD is “Don’t go it alone.” This feeling of isolation, especially in today’s remote work environment, is what is driving us to change things for leaders and their teams.

Why do we think we have to go it alone when the going gets tough? Why is it so difficult for leaders and business owners to reach out and ask for help when they’re struggling with the search for answers? Sinek points out “We’re connected, but we’re not connecting.”

Let’s change the narrative. Now.

Let’s start by providing better access for connection. As a business owner, director, VP, or C-suite exec, you are undoubtedly facing tremendous business challenges during COVID-19. You could likely use some helpful connection—with someone who can help you navigate this uncertain landscape.

At reachXOD, we are disrupting the advisory market and bringing transparency to the fee structure. It’s about time! Why should scope and pricing be so murky? Not anymore. While we’re at it, why can’t we create a powerful platform where extremely seasoned C-suite executives are able to confidentially share advice with other business owners and other executives who are seeking it?

“We can.  We will.  And, if reachXOD breathes just a bit of hope and encouragement into the chaos? Who knows how far that could go right now." - Ashlee Aldridge, Managing Partner & CEO, reachXOD

Book a call with a trusted advisor here. Now, more than ever, you don’t have to go it alone.