Having An Advisor Is a Game-changer For My Business

reachXOD - Having an Advisor is a Game Changer

How Could an Advisor Help You Turn Your Business Around?

As a CEO and business founder, I am interested in hearing other founder’s stories--what has worked, who has helped, and what has been a lesson learned (usually the hard way). Recently, I asked a successful entrepreneur this question--Why do you need an advisor instead of a consultant or coach?

This particular founder and CEO (we’ll call her “Sarah”) has started, scaled and sold two different businesses. Her latest endeavor, now five years old and growing quickly, is the model that she wishes she had done earlier. The difference? She made the decision to hire a seasoned advisor, as her "CFO Advisor", for just 2-4 hours a month, to help solve specific business problems. 

Good advisors are deeply experienced leaders in their area of expertise, combining both their successes and failures into teachable, actionable insights. Great advisors listen attentively, ask meaningful and relevant questions, and provide thoughtful and realistic advice that you can action.

In Sarah’s words, “I get meaningful, strategic insight and advice, every month, on our ongoing business forecasts, investment decisions, and growth options. The 2-4 hours I spend with my Advisor each month is one of the most important investments I make to drive profitable growth and smooth operations.”

Imagine having access to a deeply experienced CEO, CFO, CMO, CDO, whose only interest is in the success of your business. “Sarah” shared that “my business would not be able to afford this type of insight and advice, if not for this model. Adding the Advisor role to my organizational setup has proven invaluable to me. I am also considering adding another advisor role in the digital marketing area, for similar reasons." 

What could a trusted advisor do for you and for your business? The landscape is changing and it will never be the same. Perhaps it’s time for you to bring in an advisor as your companion on this journey.

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