Hero Highlight: Beekeeper's Naturals

Hero Highlight: Beekeeper's Naturals

Companies and Leaders, Doing Right By Their Customers and Employees

Natural remedies for everyday problems are being solved with this innovative company. We think Beekeeper’s Naturals  is the bee’s knees! Companies are having to pivot, innovate, and get creative. Some are leading by example. Each week at reachXOD, we highlight companies who are going above and beyond to connect to their employees and customers during a time of uncertainty. Beekeeper’s Naturals is changing lives. They are on a mission to reinvent the medicine cabinet - and save the bees while they’re at it. Here’s their story. Take note.

Beekeeper’s Naturals is doing their part, educating their consumers and protecting the bees while bringing exciting products to the market like superfood honey, CBD honey sticks, B.LXR Brain Fuel (a natural energy booster), and an all natural cough syrup. Founded by Carly Stein in 2017 after coming down with tonsillitis while in Italy, she went to the local pharmacy in search of a remedy. There, Carly discovered bee propolis, a natural substance bees make that contain 300 compounds that support immunity. As someone with an autoimmune condition, she couldn’t easily take over-the-counter medicines, and thus Beekeeper’s Naturals was born. We are celebrating Carly and her team’s passion for sustainability and their mission to educate the consumer about the ingredients in everyday health products. 

Carly’s approach to growing her business is something to watch. She has catapulted her brand by telling her personal story, collaborating with influencers, and educating through social media. Beekeeper’s Naturals is disrupting a large group of products in the retail market-- over-the-counter medicine. As the health climate has changed globally, her business has grown. More and more people are looking for safe and effective products that will boost their immunity. Their popular product, Propolis Throat Spray, saw a 600% year-over-year growth in the month of March alone and sees no signs of slowing down. 

At reachXOD, we admire Beekeeper’s Naturals as a business and brand. We are a company that values our own mission, and we took notice of just how much Beekeeper’s Naturals values their mission to bring safer products to everyone. Take initiative. Be proactive and transparent. Be human. Look for the heroes. Learn from their journeys. Bee kind.

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