Hero Highlight: Elise Cambournac

Hero Highlight: Elise Cambournac

Companies and Leaders, Doing Right By Their Customers and Employees

Elise Cambournac and her team at Parallon are reimagining the patient digital journey and bringing innovation and automation to the forefront. Cambournac and her team help hospitals plan their revenue by bringing deep operational knowledge and tailored revenue cycle solutions so that providers can focus on fulfilling their mission. In a fascinating interview with Elise, she shared surprising stories of accelerated digital adoption in the healthcare industry. Yes, the healthcare industry! The pandemic has a way of forcing industries to adapt, adopt, and accelerate.

We’re celebrating companies like Parallon and leaders like Elise Cambournac, who are demonstrating bold decision making, creative thinking, problem solving, and resiliency. Not only do they deserve recognition, but they also provide context to real life business strategies that you and your company can model. Elise’s passion for guiding the healthcare industry to reimagine individual and collective digital journeys makes her a key partner in technology strategy and implementation (in any industry). 

In our interview with Elise, she made a compelling argument around the importance of focusing on the digital patient/customer experience to improve a patient’s health and sense of communication and connection. Elise elaborated on this by reflecting, “The pivotal moment in really transforming our patient digital journey and empowering the patients with technology, was when we finally agreed that our patients were our customers, and we put our business mindset on.” 

Healthcare, and hospitals in particular, have been decades behind when it comes to streamlining modern technologies. Things have changed. Elise explained that in order to meet the needs of patients, hospitals and clinics are investing more than ever before in technology, with patient portals and curbside check-in capabilities. She shared this lightbulb moment for their team: “The customers who check in on a kiosk for their flight are also our patients, and sure they can figure out how to check in on a tablet when they arrive at the hospital.”

Healthcare has made a significant shift in priorities to enable patients to be more in charge of their own patient journey and experience, through the use of new tools and personalized approaches to patient care. In Elise’s words, “Today, our patients own their journey with our health system. It's still a bumpy road at times, as all systems still don't integrate. Between our patient portal and our different check-in technologies, patients have access to their medical information, lab results, etc., can schedule appointments, will check in online when they arrive, and eventually pay their bills online.”

Increased investment and prioritization in regards to technology is also having a positive impact on the rate of adoption and implementation for digital tools and platforms. What once took years to accomplish in terms of digital transformation and/or organizational restructuring, is now racing ahead at lightning speed for many hospitals and clinics. Elise mentioned her own experience with accelerated technology adoption at Parallon: “This success story of rapid technology adoption paved the path for even more innovation, creativity and further technology transformation in our ecosystem.” 

Connection, community, and health have never been more important. We will continue to watch and learn from Elise Cambournac, Parallon, and other industry disruptors who are leveraging technology for good. 

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