Hero Highlight: The Home Edit

Hero Highlight: The Home Edit

Companies and Leaders, Doing Right By Their Customers and Employees

Home organizing is a trend that just won’t quit because, let’s face it, showing off your pantry on Instagram is the new “look inside my fridge” on MTV cribs. Well, The Home Edit is truly the star of that show. Companies are having to pivot, innovate, and get creative. Some are leading by example. Each week at reachXOD, we highlight companies who are going above and beyond to connect to their employees and customers during a time of uncertainty. The Home Edit is changing the way we organize our homes by focusing on style, function and a pleasing rainbow aesthetic! 

Founded by two best friends, @CleaShearer and @JoannaTeplin, The Home Edit was born from the idea that it was time to reinvent traditional organizing, and merge it with design and interior styling. While every project is rooted in functional systems that can be maintained for the long term, there is just as much emphasis placed on transforming the space visually and adding their signature stylized aesthetic. The Home Edit will organize every space in the home, from bedrooms and kitchens, to closets and pantries. Every project receives meticulous attention to detail, carefully considered systems, and their flair for design impact.

The Home Edit’s founders are the queens of innovation and business expansion. In their 7 years of business, they have gone from home organizing in Nashville, TN, to teams all around the country, virtual organizing sessions, a product line at The Container Store, two books AND a new show on Netflix called Get Organized with The Home Edit. They are not messing around when it comes to helping you organize your home. What is even more faciniainting, The Home Edit has grown almost solely through Instagram. Using social media to share their work, they have 2 million+ Instagram followers learning from them daily, making their business more than just a service, but a fun place to learn. In the wake of the pandemic, they have pivoted to focus on virtual organizing sessions-- keeping their business thriving and their customers happy.

At reachXOD, we admire The Home Edit as a business and brand. We are a company that helps businesses transform, and we are so impressed with The Home Edit’s ability to grow and pivot their business however necessary. Take initiative. Be proactive and transparent. Be human. Look for the heroes. Learn from their journeys. Embrace creativity.

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