Hero Highlight:Trade Coffee, Your Favorite Coffee Matchmaker!

Hero Highlight:Trade Coffee, Your Favorite Coffee Matchmaker!

Companies and Leaders, Doing Right By Their Customers and Employees

Companies are having to pivot, innovate, and get creative. Some are leading by example. Take note. Do you like coffee? We do. We especially like local coffee roasters. Wait until you hear how  Trade Coffee is innovating the coffee market--and making their customers very stoked!

Each week at reachXOD, we highlight companies who are going above and beyond to connect to their employees and customers during a time of uncertainty. Connection and community have never been more important. We’re celebrating companies and leaders who are demonstrating sound decision making, creative thinking, empathy, human connection, and resiliency. Not only do they deserve recognition, but they also provide context to real life business strategies that you and your company can model. 

Trade Coffee is a subscription service founded in 2018 that brings 400+ coffee roasters right to your door. Shout out to Bird Rock in San Diego, one of our favorite roasters who made Trade’s “Roaster Roster”! Using an unique seven question quiz, Trade Coffee is able to match you with your ideal local coffee brands and ship them right to your door on your schedule. Not only is it creative, but it also helps expose you to different types of coffee. Brilliant, if you ask us. 

For the next four weeks, Trade Coffee is releasing 20+ blends inspired by the theme of each coffee community as a part of their Come Together Coffee campaign. On top of that, they are donating 100% of the program’s profits to causes chosen by the roaster. It’s an incredible way to support small coffee businesses and shops without leaving the comfort of home while also donating to important causes. 

As Trade Coffee says on their website: “Coffee is all about community.” At reachXOD, we truly believe that community is an important factor behind any business, so we are proud to highlight Trade Coffee’s efforts. 

In a time when so many small businesses are struggling to survive, we admire Trade Coffee's commitment to innovative solutions in supporting local coffee roasters with quick and creative thinking. Take initiative. Be proactive and transparent. Be human. Look for the heroes. Learn from their journeys. 

Trade Coffee is there for you on your coffee journey, and reachXOD is here for you on your professional journey. Trade matches you to your ideal coffee for your caffeine needs. reachXOD matches you with your ideal advisor for your business needs. You are in the driver’s seat.

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