Soft Website Launch of reachXOD

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Soft Website Launch of reachXOD

Disrupting Access to Executive Advice On Demand

Reach Partners LLC is excited to announce the soft website launch of reachXOD. Experience a powerful new platform, combining data science + human insight, and disrupting the way you access executive advice.

Business leaders face unprecedented times. Decisions are made quickly, as the impacts of COVID-19 on their businesses is assessed. As such, leaders are seeking meaningful insight on complex issues. They need a safe place for real talk about tough topics and choices, right now. In response, reachXOD launches a powerful platform that provides convenient access to trusted, seasoned Executives giving confidential advice on your topic of choice.  

reachXOD's C-suite executives are certified, and advisory sessions are double-blind and confidential. Discuss your most pressing issues with someone who gets it. reachXOD's team of advisors understands the complex challenges of the current environment and wants to help.

"We know what it is to face uncertainty, risk, and crisis. We are/were where you are. We stand ready and able to provide insight and advice. reachXOD wants to connect executives during this very isolating time, provide meaningful advice, and offer hope. You don't have to go it alone anymore." - Ashlee Aldridge, Founder of reachXOD and CEO, Reach Partners LLC.