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Collecting information is one thing, applying it is another. Bill Gates was asked recently what kind of company he would start if he were in his 20s today. Answer: Artificial Intelligence. Specifically, he would work on teaching AI Computers to read, so they would eventually possess all the written knowledge available in the world.

A Nobel undertaking indeed (see what we did there?) Unfortunately, the art of applying the knowledge remains just that, art. In most of our executive offices during this COVID crisis, there are no Magic 8-ball to fall back on. It is up to us, the leaders of our Companies, and the Associates within them.

According to The Wall Street Journal, senior executives are having to get more creative and intentional with their acts of empathy these days. When interviewed from home, these executive leaders are trying out new muscles, leading remote teams who are now also working from home. The collective feedback is, "It ain’t easy." In this, we see resilience, and the ability to pivot.1

Our reachXOD founder led a group of seasoned, C-suite executives through a process, seeking a path where our aggregate strengths could work for relevant good. This group, collectively, spent decades leading teams and companies through unexpected crises. The businesses they led successfully survived the impacts of 9/11, the devastating downturn of 2006-2009, natural disasters, and even SARS. They fought their way through the trenches of recession, downturns, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and numerous transformations. Business survived and arrived on the other side, safeguarding jobs and resurrecting the economy.

“We are better together” is the summation of our belief, from which a novel idea was born. reachXOD is that idea. Birthed from the marriage of experience and crisis, reachXOD disrupts access to executive advice. We bring a powerful platform to the forefront of everyday leaders, in a confidential and transparent way.

reachXOD is committed to getting executives connected to meaningful advice on demand. As a leader, do not go it alone. We are serious about protecting confidence so you can get real about critical business challenges. We are respectfully direct and ask the hard questions. We prioritize with you for an immediate action plan, and we walk alongside you to provide advice on topics you want, and when you want.

The Collective Intelligence is where science meets art. It is where dynamic, powerful, and disruptive ideas are born. It is also where leadership thrives and grows. Lives, businesses and jobs are at risk, some even folding as we write this. Recession seems to be looming like a storm cloud. Therefore, as leaders we owe it to those who depend on us to seek the advice we need and sort through the data we are presented. Choose the very best, most informed path, and do so by not going it alone.

After all, Intelligence reveals itself in the doing. This is what we have learned. This is what we believe.
Dare to Do Better, Be Better.

1 Shah, Agam (2020) 'Working Remotely Requires Cultural Change, Executives Say', The Wall Street Journal, 12 March. Available at (Accessed: 02 April 2020).