reachXOD - Build Your Business Plan
reachXOD - Build Your Business Plan - reachXOD
reachXOD - Build Your Business Plan - reachXOD

reachXOD - Build Your Business Plan

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Do you have a business plan?

A business plan is a critical part of leading a successful small business. 

Did you know that one of the top three (3) reasons a small business fails is due to lack of sufficient and effective business planning? Many small businesses do not even have a plan at all!  Don’t be a part of that 33%.  

Yet, one does not just happen upon a great plan. It takes effort to build. It needs to include an unbiased analysis of your market, customers, pricing, operating model and your financial capacity and constraints. Add to it, you need to think through your long-range strategies and bake those into the plan. This can be a bit overwhelming to think about or start the effort.  

Never fear. Business Planning is a core competency of reachXOD.  It’s one of the main reasons we exist, to help you. Our XODs, with years of Executive Big Business experience, are well-versed in strategic business planning. So, we curated a proprietary, unique, and specific Small Business - Strategic Business Planning Process to help leaders like you build out your plan. 

If you want to talk through the benefits of building a plan and if it is beneficial for your business, schedule a one-hour meeting with our XOD here. We can help you think through the pros and cons of getting started, what it takes, what you might need, and address your concerns and fears.

If you are thinking, “Sign me up for the full approach, where do I start?”  Head over to our Strategic Business Planning Process product where you can purchase the full planning session, and get started today.   

You have convenient, confidential access to some of the most experienced, successful and seasoned CxO executives in the industry-- right at your fingertips. They know how to run a business successfully, even through a pandemic, and they want to help you now. When you need more than a coach or advisor, get insight from a seasoned CxO who has been there and successfully delivered results. 



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I need to know my time is confidential:

Your confidentiality is top priority. We want to provide a safe space for you to get the advice you need to lead. Our privacy policy and terms of service clearly outline our double-blind approach to confidentiality. If you still have questions, please email our Concierge team and we would be happy to talk with you 1:1. 

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What to expect after booking:

After you book your advisory session, you will receive an order confirmation with the details of your first 60 minute session. You will then receive a confidential short survey where you can input information about the topic you would like to discuss. The more you tell us, the better we can match you to the right reachXOD.

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How many hours should I book?

Book as many hours as you like.  Our recommendation?  At least two (2) hours.  No matter what you book, the 1st session is ALWAYS ONLY ONE (1) HOUR in length.  At the end of your POWER HOUR, you and your reachXOD will schedule the remaining hours you purchased.






I like knowing that I am talking with an experienced C-suite Leader, who sat in the seat, and wrestled with what I do. It's much better to be talking to an advisor who has actually faced what I face.

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I need to put my very best effort towards solving this problem.  reachXOD provides me the platform for anonymous, real insight, from an experienced C-suite leader, who can advise me on how to think about and restate my problem, so that I can move forward with solving it.

reachXOD Confidential Client