reachXOD - Maximizing your Digital Investments
reachXOD - Maximizing your Digital Investments - reachXOD
reachXOD - Maximizing your Digital Investments - reachXOD

reachXOD - Maximizing your Digital Investments

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Amid a dizzying array of social, digital, search, blogs, platforms and features, how do you prioritize and maximize you investment? 

Can you imagine gaining clarity on where to invest your time and money in digital? 

In order to scale your business, you need to reach customers, be the authority, and remain authentic. Keeping your content fresh takes enormous effort. Investing in all the various platforms takes money. Adding features and expanding your platform, also requires investment. How do you ensure that your investments, effort and messaging are paying off?  Are you reaching the right people, at the right time, with the right information? Do you need help to extend and expand your reach? Are you prioritizing the right areas and actions?

Connect with a seasoned C-suite executive, specializing in helping start-up companies. reachXOD Advisors can help you sort through the options, and decide where and how to spend your effort, provide advice on when and how to select a digital or content partner, and guide you on your digital marketing efforts and platform decisions. Or, maybe you need insight on how to use analytics to guide your digital platform investment strategy or decisions?  

Let us match you to the expertise you need, right now. When you need more than a consultant or coach, reachXOD provides executive advice you can not get elsewhere.    


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I need to know my time is confidential:

Your confidentiality is top priority. We want to provide a safe space for you to get the advice you need to lead. Our privacy policy and terms of service clearly outline our double-blind approach to confidentiality. If you still have questions, please email our Concierge team and we would be happy to talk with you 1:1. 

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What to expect after booking:

After you book your advisory session, you will receive an order confirmation with the details of your first 60 minute session. You will then receive a confidential short survey where you can input information about the topic you would like to discuss. The more you tell us, the better we can match you to the right reachXOD.

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How many hours should I book?

Book as many hours as you like.  Our recommendation?  At least two (2) hours.  No matter what you book, the 1st session is ALWAYS ONLY ONE (1) HOUR in length.  At the end of your POWER HOUR, you and your reachXOD will schedule the remaining hours you purchased.






I like knowing that I am talking with an experienced C-suite Leader, who sat in the seat, and wrestled with what I do. It's much better to be talking to an advisor who has actually faced what I face.

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I need to put my very best effort towards solving this problem.  reachXOD provides me the platform for anonymous, real insight, from an experienced C-suite leader, who can advise me on how to think about and restate my problem, so that I can move forward with solving it.

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